Living the High Life.

7 Jul

We didn’t get too far today on our journey, but given yesterday’s ambitious march through the south, it was nice taking it a bit easier.

After a leisurely morning at Scott’s in Black Mountain we made it down to Spartanburg, South Carolina where we sat at a bar watching the world cup and drinking soda the bartender didn’t end up charging us for. I think she had a thing for Ed.

Eventually we made it down to Clemson, swam for a while in Lake Hartwell, got eaten alive by mosquitoes and found the cheapest Motel around- $45 cash. We’re now watching some civil rights show while downing Miller High Life’s at breakneck speed. Ed’s got some research to do tomorrow at the University so we might not get too for tomorrow either. As long as we make it to Houston by Sunday we should be alright.


Black Mountain, N.C.

7 Jul

Made it to just outside Asheville, N.C. last evening. Stopped to see a friend from Biola, Scott Tyler (Heinrichs), playing at the Town Pump Tavern after a skethcy dinner at a Chinese Buffet. I’m still alive though and strangely feeling alright, so it must not have been that bad. I haven’t heard Ed at all, and I’m not sure whether that’s a good sign or not.

Black Mountain is, unsurprisingly, in the mountains. Ed and I were a little disappointed/relieved, however, to see that the Tavern last night was not filled with Mountain People but instead a group of showered, shaved, and smartly dressed college-age kids.

Our car is doing well. We were giving a mostly full tank of gas to start and a $50 gas allowance and after having driven about a third of the way, have only put $20 in so far. With a combination of good  mileage and cheap gas, this trip really won’t end up costing too much.

And we’ll be off.

6 Jul

Ed found a company online that needs cars driven from random points A to random points B. One of those random Points A  just so happens to be DC.Eventually the car needs to get to Houston, so that’s the general direction we’re headed.

If all goes as planned, we’ll be picking up a 2004 Pontiac Vibe around noon today and heading off to the south, hopefully making it to Asheville, NC to stay with a friend tonight.

Also, I hope the rest of the south isn’t as hot as DC has been. Holy cow, this place is a sauna.

In D.C.

5 Jul

It’s been a while since I’ve written here, which is an understatement by any stretch of the imagination. It’s not that I’ve been too busy, it’s just that I needed a break. Rather than fill you in on the details, I figured I’d just pick up like I never left.

I’m in D.C. at the moment, beginning a road trip through the south with my former housemate from England, Ed. It’s been a lovely vacation so far, having spend the majority of yesterday afternoon/early evening napping in the shade next to the capitol building, followed by a fireworks show on the national mall.

Rather than leaving right away and getting crushed to death on the metro, Ed decided we should walk to a different station, at which there would be fewer people. As it turns out, Ed doesn’t know DC as well as he thinks and we wandered around. Everywhere. Twice.

We did eventually find the metro. In Virginia. With a new blister on the bottom of my foot. And 7 minutes too late to buy the 6-pack of miller highlife with which we were going to celebrate the end of a glorious day. (it turns out that you can’t buy beer at the grocery store past midnight. lame.)

While in DC we are staying at a random woman’s house we found through A great website, but a bit sketchy for all involved if you ask me. She gives us keys, an airmatress, weird ‘i think they’re the gays’ looks, and assorted breakfast foods. In return, we pay her and feel awkward anytime she’s in the house. It’s only slightly more expensive than a hostel, and you don’t have to deal with loads of drunks stumbling in at all hours of the night or cart your stuff everywhere because some idiot might steal it.

Our plans for today  involve walking around D.C. and scouting out prime napping locations.

Ed just used his spray deodorant in the living room and I can taste it.

Year one

6 May

I’m close to finishing my first year as a PhD student and I must say, I feel like I know less than I did last year. I’m not sure whether that’s a result of the US system, in which there is no overarching plan, or a result of living near friends again and being busier than I’ve ever been with things other than school, or just a result of taking on classes and subjects with which I’m much less familiar. I don’t think UCLA is that much harder than other places I’ve been, but I know I haven’t been interested enough in some of my classes to spend as much time as I should on them. Maybe it’s a mix of everything, maybe I’m just getting dumber.

Regardless of what’s happening, I’m looking forward to the summer.

You might call me a radio star.

12 Mar

Yesterday evening I joined my sister and some of my friends in performing an old-timey detective show on Amanda’s radio show. Cate and Amanda wrote the story, which turned out surprisingly interesting and well-written. I was Colt Carter, Private I., and I was investigating a case regarding a missing husband. There are a few hiccups in the process that mostly have to do with the fact that we didn’t have much prep prior to doing the show live on the air, and some of us pulled Cates during the show (wherein one talks too loudly close to the mic, causing it to peak), and laughed as a result.

I’d put up a link to the file, but I don’t think Amanda’s gotten around to uploading the show yet. I haven’t heard it myself yet, so I can’t make any claims about it, but I think it’s gonna be good.

If you think back…

26 Feb

…to December 11, 2007, you might remember that I mentioned I had been used as an extra in a movie while I was in Oxford. While the movie never made it to wide release here in the US because it was just that bad, I managed to find a low-quality blurry online version in which you can somewhat make me out int he background. While I said before that I was the blurry figure behind Colin Firth, the quality of the video means that Colin Firth is the big blurry head in the picture while i’m the smaller, blurrier picture in the background.


There it is, my blurry brush with fame.