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Where I live.

15 Dec

The new place.


My Church.


Productive shmoductive

8 Oct

I just got the syllabus for a class that starts tomorrow, and from the look of it, i’ll almost have enough time to use the bathroom twice a day.

I bought a wardrobe, dresser, and nightstand today for a grand total of £50. It took the entire day to put them all together, but they look pretty good in the room. After 4 days short of a month I am no longer living out of a suitcase and it is a very good feeling.

Ed put together our ‘modernesque breakfast nook table/ironing board’. I say /ironing board because it is shaped enough like one that we are most likely going to forego buying an actual ironing board and use the table instead. We feel somewhat grown up in that it has a six-bottle wine rack as part of it.

I hope to buy a desk, bookshelf, and other necessaries tomorrow after class. Ed’s still got his car here and we’ve been touring the city, mostly because we’ve made a lot of wrong turns (Oxford’s a horrible city to drive in), but we’ve also been using his car to pick up all this furniture we’re accumulating.

Our washer/drier combination turned out to be simply a washer, thus leaving me with a washer full of wet clothes that i had to strew around every radiator in the house.