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Where I live.

15 Dec

The new place.


My Church.



9 Jul

We finally ran into some road trouble yesterday. In fact, we ran into someone else’s road trouble as well–the remains of a blowout were in the center of the lane and rather than swerve/roll the car, we took the tire right under the center of the car. Some slight cosmetic damage that we mostly took care of. The plastic pads that are under the car were mostly ripped off, so we jerry-rigged what we could using hardware from wal-mart and I think it actually turned out all right.

As this is not our car, the worst that can happen is that we don’t get our $350 deposit back, which would suck, but at least it wouldn’t be fatal.

We’re in Georgia right now, hoping to get to New Orleans by tonight. We’ll see how that goes.

Now in Vivid Technicolor!

14 May

These are pictures from my new camera with color film. Not really a fan.

New Camera

10 May

My digital camera broke last week and rather than spend far too much money to replace it with a digital camera, i decided to go old school and get a film camera.

Once i get back to the US I’ll probably try to develop the rolls myself to save money, although that might take a little while to master.

Here are some from my first roll.

Some pictures

5 Jul


The meal that *probably* started it all. Could it have been the poorly washed vegetables? The nasty olives? The strange sauce? The utter lack of refrigeration? Or perhaps it was simply that the lady who made the sandwich didn’t wash her hands, i’ll never know.


The sight outside the front door of my old dorm; not the nicest area of town.


An alley in the old medina.


A door in the medina.


My room. Quickly I move in, quickly it is a mess. I have three beds, three desks, and three wardrobes. All I need is three women and i technically qualify for sultan status.


The view from my room window.

As i was walking into the ceter of town today I realized my dorm is right off embassy row. The ambassador of the republic of china has a freaking chinese style palace. I have yet to discover the American embassy yet, although that’s on the list of possibilities for today. Definitely a nicer area of town than i was in before and i’m feeling quite a bit better today. Mostly I just plan on walking around and seeing some of the downtown area.

Finals pictures.

19 Jun


In the Oxford tradition a student wears a white carnation for their first exam of the year, a pink carnation for the following exams and a red carnation for the last exam. Given I only had one exam, I was able to go straight to a red carnation. D flat was supplied with carnations by our Geordie friend.


Before the exam, in the infamous D flat hallway. Notice the smiling, happy, optimistic faces, Ed in the background near wetting himself with joy while Kristin in the left foreground presents a bold smile despite the Pilgrimesque attire she is wearing. Unfortunately the photo doesn’t show her feet, clad in buckled black shoes, in the spirit of thanksgiving.

I exit the exam schools, intent on not tripping over the rough shod cobblestone road while the building looms menacingly over, having just spat out its most recent victim.


We walk down Merton street, our hair sprayed stiff in orange and pink hair spray paint, Ed clearly gloating over his exam success while I stare straight ahead, disgusted.


A student, caught in the headlights of a nasty exam.

Dry noodles and old friends are better than old noodles and dry friends.

19 Apr

I was making myself some dinner tonight (Top Ramen) and was reminded of one of the more enjoyable experiences of my undergrad career.


Eating dry top ramen in a parking lot in Seattle with Micah Renihan and Aaron Roberts because we had no way of cooking it. Then, as we choked down the dry noodles, being provided with a bag full of Easter candy by a woman who obviously felt sorry for us and decided she no longer wanted the entire bag of Easter candy she had just bought. How lame are we that we actually took it?


We also weren’t very good at taking pictures of ourselves.