First quarter at OSU; wherein I write for far too long on things about which no one but myself cares.

26 Dec

I’ve finished my first term at Ohio State and overall it’s been a great experience. I’m continuing Arabic, re-struggling through German, and I’ve started Hebrew. Next quarter I’ll be continuing with those and adding Syriac to the smorgasbord of language smatterings I can bungle my way through. My own particular interests are somewhat narrow and there are only a small handful of people studying things along the same lines. As it turns out, there’s another student at OSU now who’s interested in Muslim-Christian polemical interactions from the same period I’m interested in and it’s been/will be great to have someone to bounce ideas off and talk with. He, another girl in the department and I have decided to make our own way through a Syriac Primer since it’s not being offered next quarter and it will be useful in our research. Christians in the area and during this time were writing a great deal in Syriac and it can’t really be avoided. It’s going to make my life quite difficult taking Arabic, Hebrew, German and Syriac at the same time, but I actually do enjoy it. And even though I think German is a horrible language, one of the articles I had to translate for class was fascinating (but I won’t talk about it here).

Unfortunately, I think Hebrew is going to have to be my official second Near Eastern Language for the Phd so I’ll have to put quite a bit more time into it, despite the fact that it won’t be all that useful to my dissertation research. Oh well. Still, I’ve enjoyed Hebrew and it’s been somewhat easy thus far, already having Arabic (which is quite similar) under my belt. I’m sure it will get harder, but I’m hoping more interesting as well.



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