Generic Update

14 Dec

Apparently some people still read this blog, but it seems to be mostly people searching for shamwows. But, if you do occasionally check in on me for an update, you might have noticed I’ve failed you. Be that as it is, I’m making a decision to post more regularly. It won’t be everyday, and it won’t always be interesting. It’s more an exercise for me to get in the habit of writing because it was something I enjoyed doing and was also a way for me to think and write creatively and differently from most of my thinking and writing.

So, I am an Ohioan now and loving it. Having just come through the amazing colors of Autumn and endured my very first minor snow storm (with delayed flights and all), I can say as of now that I really enjoy the weather. I’ve always been one for gray skies and colder weather than California offers, so I think this should be a good fit weather-wise.

I began a Ph.D. in the Near Eastern Languages and Cultures department at The Ohio State University and have enjoyed it thus far. This program is strongly focused on languages so I ended up taking German, Arabic and Hebrew courses this quarter and will be adding Syriac to that mix the next quarter and probably Latin in the Summer.

I’ve moved in to a three-bedroom house that through providential circumstances is remarkably cheap and amazing. Thrift stores here in Ohio are incredible and they have enabled me to furnish it quite cheaply. There are still two empty rooms, for which I’m hoping to get roommates, but even if I don’t, it’s still a great deal.

I’ve found a Church, an Orthodox Presbyterian Church, in Columbus that I have been attending. Like a typical Reformed Church it appears to be cursed with a dearth of single females my age, but there is a sizable group of college age people who I have enjoyed getting to know. The church body itself is extremely hospitable and have made me feel very welcome. It’s not as liturgical as I would like (and I plan on posting something about my love of liturgy at some point in the near future), but it is a good church overall and I plan on staying there for my time in Columbus.

Now that we’re all caught up with the last 6 months of my life, I’ll see you around.


2 Responses to “Generic Update”

  1. Abigail December 25, 2010 at 9:37 pm #

    Every time you say you’re going to post more and don’t, God kills a kitten. Think of the kittens.

  2. heatherroseschaffner March 2, 2011 at 11:32 am #

    Ryan hates cats and kittens. I think this was a bad comparison to get him to post more.

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