10 Jul

After barreling through the rest of Georgia, the width of Alabama and then half of of the length of Mississippi, we finally made it to Louisiana. Thankfully we didn’t run across any road trouble and our repair job seems to be holding up fine.

As we drove through the South I was surprised at how beautiful the place actually is. I’m not really sure what I was expecting, but the intense amount of green is impressive. It really is a gorgeous area of the world, although I do appreciate it much more when viewed from inside an air-conditioned car.

We made it to our hostel about 7pm last night and took a quick walk down to Wal-mart to grab some stuff. If someone ever tells you “It’s three blocks that way” and waves their hand in a general direction, ask for specifics. We managed to eventually find the place, although the “street/gang party” we walked through on our way to wal-mart was being broken up by the police on our way home.

The French Quarter is mostly crap. I think I was expecting a Disney version of the place, given that my only exposure to “New Orleans” is at Disneyland. Rather than old architecture and jazz bands , there were strip clubs and drunk people. We did end up finding some jazz though at Preservation Hall and had a great time. I don’t think that alone would ever make it worth it to come to New Orleans, but it was good.

Unfortunately, I left my film camera at the hostel, so I was only able to take pictures with my phone. Here’s preservation hall.


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