9 Jul

We finally ran into some road trouble yesterday. In fact, we ran into someone else’s road trouble as well–the remains of a blowout were in the center of the lane and rather than swerve/roll the car, we took the tire right under the center of the car. Some slight cosmetic damage that we mostly took care of. The plastic pads that are under the car were mostly ripped off, so we jerry-rigged what we could using hardware from wal-mart and I think it actually turned out all right.

As this is not our car, the worst that can happen is that we don’t get our $350 deposit back, which would suck, but at least it wouldn’t be fatal.

We’re in Georgia right now, hoping to get to New Orleans by tonight. We’ll see how that goes.


One Response to “Bumps.”

  1. Andrew July 9, 2010 at 7:03 am #

    I like these road trip stories. Keep posting them!

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